Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe every trader should work with a company they can count on in every situation. Everyone of them deserves to get the best service since they put their trust, time, and money in a specific company.
Our philosophy is serving with dignity to our customer and reward them for being loyal to us for a long time.

A guarantee backs our commitment to your satisfaction. If for any reason related to our services, you are not completely satisfied, we will review your actions, strategies, used tools. We will assist you in rebuilding your plan so you will be in the right spot. You won’t find that kind of promise everywhere—but you will find it here.

Security in Zurich Trade Finco

Well, the bold word for a company which makes business online should be security, and for us, it is. The security issue is an integral part of a satisfaction guarantee. Have a look at what you can do to help safeguard your information. Keeping personal and financial information secure is a partnership.

Information Security—An Integrated Approach

Client account at Zurich Trade Fincois protected in many ways. The security program we have designed and implemented puts together complementary tools, controls, and technologies to protect customer accounts and data. We are all ears continuously to monitor our systems, and we collaborate with financial services agencies to address any potential threats. We have and continually develop a culture of risk management. 

Multi-layered Technology

Technology features that protect Zurich Trade Finco accounts include advanced encryption technology to secure communications Zurich Trade Finco. Our sites apply layered and risk-based security controls before granting access to an account. Automated alerts and other actions also play a behind-the-scenes role in our authentication and monitoring processes. We use pattern analysis and other advanced analytical systems to detect suspicious account activity and deter unauthorized access.

Complete Support

We limit the number of employees who have access to clients’ personal information. All employees who handle sensitive information are trained in privacy and security. When you call us by phone, our representatives ask for several pieces of identifying information before you are authenticated and can conduct transactions. Before starting to trade, after you made the first time deposit, we ask you for a state-issued photo I.D. (such as a driver’s license) or federal government-issued I.D. (such as a passport), proof of residence and DOD (document of deposit).